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The coming Middle Eastern War

For more in the vein of my last entry, see this interesting post by Daniel Jackson.

For Israel to attack first will immediately set off rocket bombardments from Syria and Hizbullah. The lunatics in Hamastan will also join in but they will be the first to feel the IDF fist. There will be no pulling punches this time. The question is whether the West Bankers will also open fire. The general Israeli feeling, given their training, is that the expectation is that all hell will break loose.

Israel has required all new housing to include bomb shelters–BIG ones built into the foundations of all new constructions–iron, steel, and thick concrete. These things will hold; so, the majority of damage will be real estate. Ironically, those at risk are those who have been flaunting the housing codes–many of the Israeli Arabs in the north. As in 2006, rockets can’t tell the difference between believers and infidels.

In 2006, Hizbullah lacked both accuracy and power. This will not be the case in this war. Their fire power is hot and heavy. But they are up against a professional army that has been drilling and preparing constantly for the last four years under a tough and charismatic infantry soldier. This will not be an IAF war. The IDF is prepared. After the missiles, expect the Israelis response to be strong.

For a country where officials are not accountable in local elections directly to the electorate, there is a lot of road building, resurfacing, and repair going on. Virtually EVERY major roadway has been resurfaced right down to the matrix. Amazing. One might say that these roads are now able to handle loads of up to 50 tons on 18 wheels.

Security is tight. Young men and women in green dress in Kevlar now as a matter of course. Small convoys are everywhere–earlier this week on my drive to the Negev, I saw numerous squads of green armor clad warriors on foot going house to house. Route 443 that runs from Jerusalem to Modi’in has new razor wire as of yesterday. AND, the reserve police (in green) are staffed by gristled men our age patrolling parks and back roads.

Read the whole thing.


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