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This is where our inaction has trapped us

“The coming war.”  So Caroline Glick describes the nearly inescapable conflict brewing in the Middle East, in a chilling article in the Jerusalem Post.  She describes the preparations by Iran and its satellites:

Syria and Iran have armed Hizbullah with some 40,000 missiles and rockets, including hundreds of Scud missiles and guided surface-to-surface solid fuel M600 missiles with a 250 km. range. This week, Hizbullah threatened to attack Israel with non-conventional weapons. Syria itself has a formidable chemical and biological arsenal as well as a massive artillery and missile force at its disposal.

As for Hamas, since Operation Cast Lead Iran’s Palestinian proxy Hamas has expanded its own missile arsenal. Today it reportedly has projectiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv and beyond.

From the open preparations for war that Iran and its clients have undertaken, it is clear that if they initiate the next round of fighting they will fight a four-front war against Israel. That war will be dominated by missile attacks against the entire country, aimed at breaking the will of the Israeli people while forcing the IDF to divert vital resources away from Israel’s primary target – Iran’s nuclear installations – to contend with Iran’s proxies’ missile stores.

If Israel is to act, on its own, against Iran’s nuclear program, then it will have to take all this into account as part of its plans, and will be required to preemptively strike all these enemies:

the side that initiates the conflict will be the side that controls the battle space…  Armed with these understandings, it is apparent that Israeli contingency plans for war must have limited goals and should be guided by the overarching aim of beginning and ending the war quickly. Luckily, Israel excels at limited, swift campaigns.

Israel must launch a preemptive strike against Hizbullah’s missiles and missile launchers, Syria’s missiles, artillery and launchers, and Hamas’s missiles and launchers. As for their short-range rockets, Israel should do its best to intercept them and otherwise hunker down to weather the storm of Katyushas and Kassams. Life of the homefront won’t be easy.

And, inevitably, Israel will be roundly denounced by every Arab nation, the United Nations, and many in Europe.  Iran may close the Persian Gulf to oil traffic.  Economic markets will be roiled.  Terrorist cells may be unleashed.  Pandora’s box is opened, and who knows what horrors rush forth.

Over a year of Obama’s vaunted “smart diplomacy”, and still the Iranians march relentlessly towards possession of nuclear weapons, and therefore towards placing Israel in the position of having to make a fateful decision.  Perhaps it is Obama’s intention that Israel be forced to act, and so spare the US the need to do so.  And Israel gets to take the heat.

Turbulent times are coming.


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