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F*&K the War on Drugs

I’m in favor of enforcing the law….and I’m not convinced that legalization would solve anything, but this sort of thing should not be happening in the United States of America! (warning for language and violence):

What appears to have been a very average middle class home, with a perfectly normal family, and they get the fucking stormtrooper raid treatment?  They only found enough marijuana for a misdemeanor charge–less than 35 grams in Missouri!  And what’s even more rich, they filed a charge of child endangerment against him, when they are the bastards who came into his home, armed to the teeth, and killed his dog in front of his 7 year old son.

I’m fucking pissed.  I can easily imagine myself in this situation, and I’ve never even possessed marijuana.  But I can imagine myself being as bewildered and frightened as this family was, and that makes me angry.  This is the fucking United States of America.  I’m not supposed to be frightened of my government.


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