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I’ve been posting things to Facebook all day, sharing things I find informative or enjoyable.  I thought it might be useful to post a bunch of the links I’ve been following in one place.

The slideshows at the website of WSMV Channel 4 have been great for seeing photos of the damage.

I’ve been monitoring the Cumberland River level all day, watching for how it might impact Nashville.

At TVA’s website you can see how much water is being released from the major dams in the area in any given hour.   At this hour, the Old Hickory Dam, which releases water from Old Hickory Lake into the Cumberland River, is releasing 222,400 cubic feet per second, the most it has ever released at one time.

The Tennessean’s website, and the website of News Channel 5, have been great sources of info, pictures, and video.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) website has been useful for getting some sense of the scale of the disaster.  Be sure to click on “Road Conditions” at the left, and let the page update.  The blue lines show roads deemed unusable.

The Mayor’s website has good info, including road closures.

This is Music City after all, and one gifted songwriter has composed a great little ditty about the event:


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