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So just who are these Tea Partiers?

The New York Times did a pollDon Surber digs into their findings and here are some of the highlights:

If you had to choose, smaller government or larger?

50%  of Americans said smaller — 37% said bigger (92%/4% among Tea Partiers)

How much have you read or heard about the government’s budget deficit?

30% of Americans said a lot, 40% said some, 21% said not much (62%/29%/8% among Tea Partiers)

Attend church?

35% weekly or almost weekly (50% among Tea Partiers).


54% work; 18% are retired (56%/32% among Tea Partiers).


52% (70% among Tea Partiers).


50% are 45 or older (75% among Tea Partiers).


25% have a college diploma (37% among Tea Partiers).


44% earn $50,000 or more (56% among Tea Partiers).

11% earn $250,000 or more (12% among Tea Partiers).

So, let’s summarize:  Tea Partiers are more likely than the average American to be married and church-going, and they are also generally older, more prosperous, more likely to be registered to vote, and more educated.  They overwhelmingly favor smaller government, and they are more informed than the population at large about the Federal deficit.  Sound like decent, normal American citizens to me.

And this one is for my wife:

Does Sarah Palin have the ability to be an effective President?

Tea Partiers:  40% yes, 47% no

Other interesting findings:  Tea Partiers are more likely to get their news from Fox News and more likely to own a gun.

h/t JammieWearingFool


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  1. I get my news from Stewart and Colbert.

    And I’m not impressed that 40% of tea partiers think she’d be an effective president. That doesn’t speak well to their education level. 😛

    Comment by Jennifer | April 14, 2010 | Reply

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