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Why are some conservatives so upset?

A liberal friend, alarmed by the cases of vandalism and the rumors of threats against Congresscritters, posed this question:   “Since when has democracy meant that you get your way no matter what, no matter who is in office?”  I thought this required some explanation.
The point of a Constitution is that a social compact is made whereby it is understood that certain things are outside the purview of who wins elections. If, hypothetically, Republicans won the large majorities in Congress that the Democrats now have, and the Presidency, would they then be justified in instituting (hypothetically, cause I don’t believe this would happen) a state religion?  No, because the Constitution has set that out of bounds.  It is not something the majority can impose on the minority.

In the case of Obamacare, the People–and not just a minority, but an actual majority–made it clear to their representatives that they saw this action as being out of bounds, as a radical change that was outside the purview of what Congress was authorized to do in the Constitution.  So, yes, there is a feeling of the social compact having been broken, of a revolutionary spirit–and not a revolution of the People, but a revolution imposed upon them from above.

All that said, I do not condone violence, and indeed think such acts are self-defeating.

UpdateInstapundit recalls a variety of incidents of violence or vandalism against Republican targets, and notes the different media coverage of “the righteous indignation of oppressed lefties, rather than the dangerous violence of nasty righties.”

Roger Simon has similar thoughts in an open letter to Congressman Hoyer:  “It is small wonder that our people are angry. It would be amazing if it were otherwise. You have reaped a whirlwind by subverting a democracy.  Now you must deal with it.”


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