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Politico retracts Carnahan “coffin” story

Gateway Pundit has the scoop:

The coffin was used in a prayer service for the elderly who will suffer under Obamacare and for the unborn who will be slaughtered under this plan. The protesters prayed for their loss of freedom thanks to this nationalized democratic plan. The St. Louis tea party patriots also prayed for Russ Carnahan and democrats who were voting at that time to nationalize the health care industry.

The Politico made the accusation that the coffin was placed (and left) near Carnahan’s home. It wasn’t. The protesters were never on his lawn. They said some prayers at his house and then took the coffin with them when they left. It’s currently sitting in a garage.

Well, it took the Politico about 12 hours but they finally updated their hit piece.

No scary death threats.  No insinuation of violence.  A peaceful protest.


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