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“Let’s not act surprised”

Erick Erickson has a great post at RedState on the kerfuffle of recent days over “rightwing violence.”  The whole thing is worth reading.  First Erickson makes it clear that, if any of these reports are accurate, then the violence must be condemned and that such behavior is uncivilized.  He goes on to point out that Rush Limbaugh gets nasty hate mail every day, that there are plenty of documented examples of left-wing violence, and that some of the claims of nasty behavior have been debunked, such as the Carnahan Coffin and the “N-word” being yelled at Congressman Lewis.

But this is the key bit:

There are a great many Americans who truly believe the Democrats shredded the constitution on Sunday night. Made more galling, the Democrats were pretty upfront that they were pushing it through before congressmen could go home and face their angry constituents which every poll showed were opposed to this legislation. And only after the vote did the media really start talking about the taxes, the flexible spending account cuts, the pre-existing conditions loophole for kids, etc. — i.e. the bad stuff in the bill.I’ve said for weeks I was a bit fearful of what would happen as a result. I sincerely pray we are not on the cusp of some group of angry and now unhinged mob lashing out at congressmen for a vote in the Congress. But something seems to be brewing and I frankly don’t think the Democrats should at all be surprised. They were and they knew they were playing with fire to advance legislation many Americans see as the undoing of the American Experiment. Some of those Americans will now conclude that, like with the founders, if King George will not listen, King George must be fought.

There is real, legitimate anger out there, and the Democrats invited it.  They pushed through legislation that was deeply unpopular, which had not been adequately explained or covered by the media (and would have been even more unpopular if it had), and which is going to affect the lives of every single American.  When in American history has there been anything of the sort?  Acting surprised at the vigor of the response is just that–acting–and those who do so are now cynically trying to portray angry citizens as deranged and dangerous.  It is a further insult to their constituents.


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