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“Dissent and protest should be free”

So writes Ann Althouse, in an excellent blog post that hits just the right notes on this issue of violent dissent to Obamacare:

Clearly, those who are angry about the bill should limit themselves to speech and apply pressure to others in their movement not to cross the line into any kind of violence or damage to property. Any incident of that kind will be greatly magnified in the press and used to undermine the movement.

However, Ann, like myself, suspects that these reports are being used for political advantage:

Anyone could commit an act of vandalism (including dirty tricksters on the Democrat’s side). Is the press following up about what, exactly, happened? Or are they complacently passing [these stories] on to be used to propagate the violence meme?

We should all be vigilant about the way the Democrats and their friends in the press are leveraging these stories for political purposes, exaggerating and failing to check facts. We should closely monitor the journalism, the rhetoric, and the leaps of logic. Hare’s remark “If this doesn’t get under control” has a chilling generality to it. Dissent and protest should not “get under control.” It should be free.


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