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What do Americans think of Congress?

Between March 10th and 14th, the Pew Research Center asked 1,500 adults to tell it: “What one word best describes your impression of Congress these days? Just the first word that comes to mind?”  The responses:

Dysfunctional, corrupt, self-serving, self-centered, selfish, self-absorbed, inept, confused, incompetent, ineffective, lazy, bad, suck(s), poor, crook(s), crooked, disappointing, gridlock, deadlock, idiots, idiotic, slow, mess, messed up, messy, lousy, terrible, disorganized, unorganized, divided, good, stupid, children, childish, child-like, dissatisfied, do nothing, failing, failure, inadequate, greedy, joke, jokers, not good, partisan, socialist, useless, worthless, bull(expletive), chaos, clowns, frustrating, frustrated, horrible, inefficient, liberal, liars, money-hungry.


As amusing and gratifying this is on the one hand, it is also dangerous and indicative of a serious disconnect between the people and their representatives.  This needs attention on two fronts:  the people themselves in the organization need replaced, and systemic reforms are needed:  breaking up gerrymandered safe seats, and perhaps expanding the number of representatives so that they are more accessible to the people.

h/t Vodkapundit

Kevin D. has a nice word cloud image of the results.


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