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Another roundup of links

Dennis Prager:  We are in a non-violent civil war between two different visions of America’s future, and the question is over the relationship of the individual to the government.

Jay Cost:  Obamacare can be defeated, especially in an age of deficit-aware voters.

Investors Business Daily:  The legislation was never about healthcare, rather it is the largest wealth grab and redistribution in US history. And once the private insurance market is wrecked, the Left will claim that free markets failed and institute single-payer.

Bloomberg:  The US government is now considered a greater credit risk than Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, or Warren Buffett.

George Will posts some thoughts in his erudite style:  “The public will think the health-care system is what Democrats want it to be. Dissatisfaction with it will intensify because increasingly complex systems are increasingly annoying….Public complaints will be smothered by more subsidies. So dependency will grow.”

Mona Charen:  Democrats have drawn a clear line between the parties.  The Democrats are spending into bankruptcy, promising a European-style welfare state.  Republican need to undo the damage, and provide “sober, grown-up stewardship and a realistic appraisal of our fiscal trajectory.”

Michael Graham:  “Calling this mess ugly is like saying Tiger Woods has marital problems.”

Jonah Goldberg calls Obamacare nationalization by proxy:  “the insurance companies are now heavily regulated government contractors.”


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