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The Real Arithmetic of “Healthcare Reform”

From (gasp!)  the New York Times:

The budget office (CBO) is required to take written legislation at face value and not second-guess the plausibility of what it is handed. So fantasy in, fantasy out.In reality, if you strip out all the gimmicks and budgetary games and rework the calculus, a wholly different picture emerges: The health care reform legislation would raise, not lower, federal deficits, by $562 billion……

Read the whole thing.   Obviously, as with so many aspects of this monstrosity, the “deficit reduction” aspects are based on deception and chicanery.

More from the Cato Institute:

New spending is negligible for four years.  At that point the government would start luring sixteen million more people into Medicaid’s leaky gravy train, and start handing out subsidies to families earning up to $88,000.  Spending then jumps from $54 billion in 2014 to $216 billion in 2019. That’s just the beginning…..

The accumulating penalties on reporting joint incomes above $250,000 — a 39.6% tax, a 3.8 % income surtax, a 0.9% Medicare surtax, rapid phasing-out of deductions and exemptions — would greatly discourage any activity that would push income above $250,000.

So much for the American Dream.  You can work hard and try to get ahead in life, but only to the $250,000 threshold.  Once you get there, everything you earn belongs to Mr. Obama.


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