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My favorite thing on the Internet ever

Dana Loesch gives ’em hell.

Some excerpts:

Last night, our legislators officially broke the contract with America that is the Constitution. Last night, they ceased to represent us. Last night, a new party was born; the malignant tumor that is the progressive caucus consumed the Democrat party from within and gave birth to the mainstream Socialist Party…..

How many men and women have shed blood for this country? How many patriots took to the streets to defend this country blessed by God? Don’t you dare give up, patriots. Don’t you dare make their sacrifices in vain because you’re afraid of battle. Take no prisoners, suffer no fools, never surrender.

What – you thought you get this land scott-free? Liberty is never fully paid off and to be deserving of it one must be willing to fight for it on the battlefield, in the halls of congress, by involving yourselves in your communities. Such a struggle is not a burden, it is a privilege……

This is not over. We won the battle of the hearts and minds and still congress trampled over us with an un-Constitutional bill that, for the first time, forces citizens to purchase a product.

We won the battle of persuasion. We’ve won talk radio. We’ve won cable news. We’ve won social media networks. We’ve won the street corners and the community participation and the phone banks and the 11th hour hat tricks. We’re going to win the money battle, next……

We will plague the Socialists who sold us out, we will end their political careers, we will dog them at their every appearance, their every step, and when they see the yellow of the Gadsen flying uniform in the wind with the American flag they will fear us as a government should fear its people – NOT the other way around.

We will hold every Republican to the fire and so help us if they don’t fight until their last breath to repeal this massive affront to liberty.

We will insert ourselves into every branch and level of public service and devour our party so we will never have to worry about another impotent candidate ascending to power again, so we never again have to worry about being bulldozed by tyrants….

This is the dawn of the modern-day sons and daughters of liberty. We must heed the call of action and with courageous steps and humble hearts work against tyranny. We will guard our hearts and we will realize that the only fight worth having is a fight on the right side of God. We will not allow our opposition to have the final defeat of using our frustration to make us as they are. You need to decide right now: will you fight to preserve liberty? Will you give of your time, your money, your passion so that your future generations will benefit? Will you get behind candidates who can best win the race and most mirror our platform?


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