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House Bill 3590 post-mortem links

No time to do much analysis of my own at the moment, but here are some good links for anyone interested:

Victor Davis Hanson says that Obama has “crossed the Rubicon”, and prophesies of more partisanship, more demagoguery, and more government intrusion into our lives.

Ira Stoll reminds us that the Republicans thought that gaining authorization of the Iraq War was a great political move too, and look where that got them.

Rick Moran paraphrases Benjamin Franklin:  “You’ve got your welfare state, if you can keep it.”

The Heritage Foundation calls this bill “today’s Intolerable Act” and “just as the colonists banded together to enact change after those acts were passed, so should America respond to Obamacare. ”

Philip Klein rightly points out that the Republicans had the Congress and the Presidency and blew it:  “they squandered an opportunity to push free market health care solutions.”

Patrick Basham predicts that the Nanny State of the past will morph into the “Bully State” as the State suddenly has an interest in regulating the lifestyle choices of its citizens, in the name of Health cost reduction.

Megan McArdle laments the new, more divisive political world the Democrats have created for us.

Moe Lane offers hope that things which “can’t be done”, such as reverse an entitlement, actually can.

Finally, Frank J offers this strategic advice:  “keep the cancer from spreading before you have a chance to remove it.”


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