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A great summary of what the passage of this bill means

From Sheer Politics:

We will be forced to buy, not just insurance, but government approved insurance. If you don’t buy insurance there will be some 16,000 NEW IRS agents hired with full powers to enforce the law. Not buying insurance will mean fines, and possible jail time enforced by an agency who has powers to garnish wages, take your tax refund and come after your property.

Are you under some delusion that you’re going to get free insurance? Or that you’ll just “get to keep” your insurance. That’s not how this works….

First of all this bill give over 400+ Billion to the “evil” insurance companies the democrats are so fond or railing against. You will be required to buy only that insurance that is government approved. Your employer will have to buy insurance that is government approved. Insurance will not be able to turn down anyone due to a pre-existing condition. What they don’t tell you is how much this required insurance is going to cost!

Remember how the government “helped” consumers by changing laws on credit cards? How much did your interest rate go up, even with good credit? Did the credit card cancel your account or reduce your limit? God help us all when the government tries to “help” consumers.

Massachusetts has a similar plan to the current bill that can now boast the highest healthcare premiums in the US. And they continue to rise.  The Boston Globe reported last September:

“The state’s major health insurers plan to raise premiums by about 10 percent next year, prompting many employers to reduce benefits and shift additional costs to workers.

Increases will range from 7 to 12 percent, capping a decade of consecutive double-digit premium increases, according to a Globe survey of the state’s top health insurers. Actual rates for 2010 will depend on the size of the employer and the type of coverage, with small businesses and individuals expected to be hit hardest. Overall, premiums are more than twice as high as they were 10 years ago.

Massachusetts State Treasurer Timothy Cahill said in a recent press conference, “If President Obama and the Democrats repeat the mistake of the health insurance reform here in Massachusetts on a national level, they will threaten to wipe out the American economy within four years.”

Democrats claim those here illegally will not be covered; however they are planning an amnesty bill so they WILL be covered. In any case they won’t be subject to legal actions or fines. And they’ll still be able clog up emergency rooms and cost taxpayer dollars for their “free” care.

So those of you who think you’re going to be able to keep your current healthcare: How long do you think a) you’ll be able to afford that insurance or b) that the company you work for will continue to supply the insurance or c) that companies will want to hire under these conditions? According to reports, companies with 50+ employees who don’t provide coverage will pay fines of $2,000 per year, per full time worker.

The fine is much less than the cost of insurance. Average cost of insurance runs around $3,800 (single) $9,646 (family) per year.   How many employers will decide to dump insurance and just pay the fine? How many will start favoring part-time or contract workers who have to buy their own insurance at increasing rates?

Law of unintended consequences? No…that is the plan.

Whatever the start is, the goal is government single payer, socialized medicine, public option–by any name given, it doesn’t smell sweet. As more and more people complain about rising insurance costs, Washington plans the final solution: Get rid of insurance for most of the public. Institute the public option that will eventually become the public non-optional (except for those in Congress).


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