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We’re all in this together, right?

We’re all Americans, right?  Equal before the law, and equally citizens of this great nation?  We’ve got to pull together if we’re going to get through these tough times, agreed?

Then why the hell is Barack Obama’s new budget proposing a 2% pay increase for all civilian Federal workers??  I have nothing against my fellow citizens who work in the public sector, but this seems to me to be bad policy and a bad message.  We are dealing with unprecedented deficits, and increasing concerns about the future solvency of the United States.  And Federal employees already have a sweet deal:  total compensation per federal worker–cash earnings plus fringe benefits–now averages twice that of the private sector!   There is no justification for this pay increase.  It also sends a message to all the rest of us:  who cares about the unemployment, the lack of raises, the rising costs of living and the rising cost of government;  the public sector is going to get taken care of.  Increasingly we are seeing the development of two classes in these United States, those fortunate enough to get on the government payroll, protected by unions and courted by politicians, maintained with sweet compensation and pension packages; and the rest of us, obligated to pay the bill.


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