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Statement from the Knoxville Tea Party

“I want to make it clear that I neither support nor oppose Bill Haslam.  This is my personal opinion and not necessarily the position of the Knoxville Tea Party.  I believe that the biggest problem in our country is uninformed voters.  If we stayed informed in political activities then we wouldn’t be in this mess so I don’t want anybody to take what I said in one of my previous emails and use that as the determining factor as to whether or not they vote for Bill.  This is counter-productive to the Tea Party movement.

Many have asked what exactly happened.  A fellow Tea Partyer contacted the Public Building Authority and actually reserved the Main Assembly Room for the Feb. 27th.  We were then instructed that we would have to get approval from one of the Mayor’s offices.  He visited both Mayor Haslam’s and Ragsdale’s offices.  Mayor Ragsdale never got back with us but the response that we received from our request with Mayor Haslam’s office was that we wouldn’t be able to use the facility because we were a “one-sided” political party.
I can’t prove that those words came directly from his mouth but the message that was issued by him or on his behalf can be read below:
Bill Haslam

Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding regarding the Tea Party’s request to use the City/County Building. The Public Building Authority manages the building, sets all policies for its usage, and makes decisions regarding group requests. I fully support the goals of the Tea Party and believe these groups are making a difference across the country. In fact, I spoke with an East Tennessee Tea Party group this past weekend in Morristown.

Like I said I can’t prove that those words came from his mouth but I called the Public Building Authority myself after we were denied access and they told me that one of the Mayor’s offices would have to approve it first.

Don’t let this issue be the reason that you don’t vote for Bill research his policy positions, get informed, then vote.”


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