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Run, Mitch, Run!

There have been a slew of article and blog posts about the prospect of Governor Mitch Daniels, of Indiana, as a Republican candidate for President in 2012.

  • The Politico points out that Daniels “is a true fiscal conservative…with the full resume:  a Princeton-educated former Senate chief of staff-turned political operative-turned think tank chief-turned Fortune 500 executive-turned White House budget director-turned two-term governor”.
  • Mona Charen at the National Review Online calls him the “anti-Obama”, “low-key and witty” and possessing “a wealth of successful executive experience”.
  • Human Events shares Daniels’ formula for winning:  “I want to see our party campaign to govern, not just to win,” he said.  His formula for a GOP resurgence is twofold:  first, “a program with intellectual credibility,” in which candidates spell out not only what they want to do but how they will execute their agenda “to protect the next generation and second, “to speak to the American people in a tone that’s inviting and friendly.”
  • US News & World Report’s Mary Kate Cary calls him “her favorite governor” and points out that “a lot of young people are fans of his, if you take a look at his My Man Mitch website, or his facebook page that has 10,000 friends. He’s right up there with Ron Paul in terms of the youth vote.”
  • Politics Daily calls him the “anti-Palin”, as he is “all substance and no flash”, and points out many of the other Republican governors whose names might be considered, from Romney to Barbour, have negatives that Daniels doesn’t have.
  • Ross Douthat at the NYT praises his record as governor, including “trimming Indiana’s payroll, slowing the state government’s growth, and turning a $800 million deficit into a consistent surplus”.  Daniels also leadership on the issues du jour such as his “Healthy Indiana plan, which offers catastrophic coverage to low-income residents, aspires to eventually cover 130,000 people, about a third of the state’s long-term uninsured.”

It’s been said that all political campaigns have one of two themes:  “back to basics” or “bright and shiny new change!”  I suspect that in 2012 the voters will be open to a likable, balding, highly competent governor with a solid record of fiscal management and an understanding of the challenges the nation faces.  Somebody like Mitch Daniels.

Run, Mitch, Run!!

Updated:  The Wall Street Journal adds an editorial from the man himself today:  “There will be no meaningful cost control until we are all cost controllers in our own right. Americans can make sound, thrifty decisions about their own health.”


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  1. The fact that he may have trouble selling himself to the conservatives who vote in the Republican primaries is a point in his favor–he comes across as a reasonable fellow. But I am just a bit skeptical about him being a “fiscal conservative.” His record in Indiana is good in terms of creating a budget surplus. But he was Dubya’s budget director for goodness’ sake. Maybe if he had resigned that post in protest (as David Stockman did in the Reagan years), he’d have a bit more credibility with me on that issue. Of course, he’ll never win. He’s just too damn short at 5 foot 7. Sad but true, I’m afraid. America is not ready for a short President.

    Comment by Equality | March 1, 2010 | Reply

  2. Oh, I’m so glad Americans have such strident standards for president. Gah!

    Comment by Silent Ninja Llama | March 1, 2010 | Reply

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